Vigil for sorority girls connects campus

I had a great week of classes after spring break.  I had no exams, papers or major assignments due. So, I lucked out on that.

On March 22, I got an opportunity to go on an Admissions reception to Detroit, and I loved it! We left BGSU at about 2 p.m. and drove to the Westin in Detroit area.  Once there, we set up some tables and supplies, ate dinner and then guests starting arriving.  After an hour or so, there was a presentation and the student panel that I led.

Getting the chance to be a student representative for the university is a thrill.  By doing this reception it made me want to become an admissions counselor. (So now I have another job/career option.  I think up to 10,175 now.  I’ll decide eventually.)

Friday. It’s just Friday.  One of the best days of the week and the start of the weekend.  I did have one math homework assignment due, but that was it for the day. I enjoyed some time with friends and worked a bit.

I was on duty as an RA on March 23, and I was nervous and upset.  BGSU had a vigil for the three sorority sisters who lost their lives right before spring break.  Since I was on duty, I couldn’t attend, but I did get to watch a live feed online.  The ceremony featured the women’s parents, the president of Alpha Xi Delta, and a few other guests talking about the incredible women.  It ended with a candle-lit ceremony outside their sorority house.

Overall, the ceremony hit me hard, and I wasn’t even physically present. I didn’t know any of the women, but felt very connected at the same time.  This campus grieved together, which is why it’s like a second home for me.  These bright women brought this already-close university even closer, and I hope they all know how many people they influenced.  We will miss them deeply and are sadden by this loss.  After the ceremony was done live streaming, I had to fulfill my other RA responsibilities.

St. Patrick’s Day weekend is huge at BGSU!  Houses are overflowing with people. Everyone is decked out in green from head to toe.  And people are very intoxicated.  It was going to be my first “big” weekend as an RA.  Luckily, nothing bad happened throughout the night.  My duty partner and I did find a couch in the elevator.  Very strange, but a quick solution.  So, I am grateful that my night was easy.

The morning of March 24 started off with some texts and an alarm at 6:45 a.m.  It was time for Opening Weekend Group Leader (OWGL) training!  As an Orientation Team Leader, I was responsible for planning most of the day and the topics of each session.  I had put in a lot of work, and I hoped it was going to pay off.  We did a simple check-in, and then I presented to the OWGLs what the day would look like.  I could tell they were eager to start, even if it was 10 a.m. on St. Patrick’s Day.  The Orientation Leaders did a fantastic job facilitating and pumping them up.  The sessions were presented excellently, and every team created a “Roll Call” (or chant).  They were all HILARIOUS!!!  I couldn’t ask for a better team!

My advice for everyone is to get involved with something you love!  It might take time to find that particular group or club, but once you do, you will know you found the correct one.  For me, orientation is the correct one.  Even though the job can be stressful, I gain so much from the position and work with amazing people!

Another “tip” is to just enjoy your time being at BGSU.  When people ask me my least favorite part about BGSU, I say “That it only lasts four years.” To be honest, I cannot believe I have a year left until I am supposed to have  “real job.”  I’m not ready to leave BGSU because it has given so much to me.  I hope that you will take advantage of all the opportunities BGSU has to offer so you fall in love this amazing place.

Until next time BG,


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