Applying for scholarships is a part-time job

These past few weeks have been so crazy that I haven’t been able to write a blog (which I enjoy doing).  Therefore, I am taking a short break from my busy schedule to write a little blog for y’all.   Scholarships, scholarships, scholarships!  That is all I feel like I have done the past few weeks.

Since I have to pay for school on my own, I make it like a part-time job.  This week I have a total of six (yes, six!) scholarships due.  Five of them are due on Thursday alone.   This is frightening because I haven’t done three of them yet.

Not only do I have these scholarships due soon, but I have my normal work and class schedule.  Eighteen credits, 12 hours of work and numerous hours of homework leads to one busy schedule.

I enjoy being busy … just not this week.  There is so much pressure on me for these scholarships that I just want to throw my hands up and say, “I’m not doing them!”  But if I would have done that last year, then I wouldn’t have received the $2,500 in scholarships I did receive.  Scholarships are worth the stress.

My advice to you all is first to look for scholarships as early as possible and start them as early as possible.  Procrastinating just leads to more stress, and I have been guilty of procrastinating lately.  With midterms this week and scholarships, it is going to be one of those all-nighter-every-night kinda weeks.  But, I must get back to the grind of things!

Until next time BG,


P.S.  You should not be reading this blog unless you have finished all your work!  Don’t turn into me!

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