Smoking is clouding my view

Walking around campus recently, it’s sort of hard to miss the beautiful transformation of summer to fall. The trees are orange, red and yellow; the students wear a variety of stylish pea coats and boots.

It’s refreshing to walk outside after a long Tuesday-Thursday class and breathe in the cool, autumn air filled with the smell of leaves and ….carcinogens?

Yes, carcinogens from cigarette smoke. The definition? A substance capable of causing cancer in living tissue. Not exactly the first thing you want to walk into after class. I’ve run into this problem on a daily basis.

I walk outside of Olscamp and I’m immediately coughing and scurrying out of a path of smoke from a student in front of me. I am unaware of the official smoking regulations on campus, but I do see designated areas directly outside of a few buildings.

The issue is most smokers light up instantly, the moment they walk outside, clouding the open air for the rest of the nonsmoking community.

I wish smokers would be respectful and take the time to leave the crowded entrance and exits of buildings before lighting a cigarette. If they moved to an open space it would limit the amount of secondhand smoke that is forced through the lungs of nonsmokers just trying to leave and go to class.

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