You want me to eat what? Sweet potato and olive quesadillas!

I walk into The Oaks after a long day of classes, a lot of studying and several rounds of walking to and from class.

With my stomach growling and BG1 card in hand, I enter the dining hall ready to nom on some delicious food.

I walk to the middle of the hall and look at what’s being offered. Vegetable pasta with white sauce? Eh, not my cup of tea, or bowl of pasta. I continue on and find the next main course is tofu jambalaya. What does that even consist of? I shake it off and veer toward the third serving station. Shepard’s pie? Seriously? Salad? No, I had that for lunch yesterday. Soup? Nope, I’m starving. Pizza? Ugh. I guess. For the seventh time this week. I slowly walk toward the Hearthstone Oven and pick out my pepperoni pizza. The chefs should know my name by now.

Why does the school serve such outrageous food choices? I watch numerous students pass up the odd dishes and head straight for fries and ketchup. Why not serve an old standby once in a while? Like chicken, spaghetti, macaroni and cheese, steak, subs, ribs, etc.

The next day I head over to Carillon in hopes of  finding something a little tastier. After a few rounds of deciding if I really want some sweet potato and olive quesadillas, I settle for a salad. Although this is a healthy choice, I end up pigging out on the Baker’s Crust desserts because I’m hungry from not eating a main course.

The odd choices send kids to the less healthy options. If BG opened a serving station with more basic foods, I think more students would choose the “swipe” method of meal plans. I am quickly running out of Falcon Dollars as I buy from the Union on a daily basis, but let’s be honest, you can only eat at Steak Escape and Mato 2.nite so many days a week.

I’ve encountered many students complaining about the choices in the dining halls. If everyone took their opinions to the head of the dining halls, I’m sure we can have more say in what goes into the cooking.

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