Find a study spot that doesn’t distract you


We love to hate it.

As much as I despise the idea of sitting down and focusing on reviewing my class material, it’s important, if not one of the most crucial steps, in earning your degree. You need a textbook, a notepad, a pen, a clear mind and the perfect setting.

Most of us forget just how important it is to find a study space that matches the focus we need. Some people need music, while others need silence. Some need to study with groups, while some need to be alone.  It’s all up to you on where and how you study.

I started off the semester with OK grades. Sure, I wasn’t failing, but “OK” wasn’t exactly what I wanted to tell my parents. I was motivated to go to class and willing to learn the material. Why couldn’t I comprehend as much as I thought I could? I decided to evaluate my study habits.

As I got my women’s studies book out of my backpack, I flung myself onto the futon, iPod blasting.  Noticing that I was reciting lyrics more than vocabulary terms, I immediately turned it off. As soon as I sat down, my roommate walked in. At the end of each paragraph I read, I couldn’t help but discuss her latest gossip.

When she turned on the TV, I knew my res hall wasn’t the type of environment I could focus in. I checked out the library and felt pretty comfortable, but I was wishing for some noise.

After a few different spots, like the study lounge of my res hall, a bench outside of the union and a couch in Olscamp, I finally found my perfect spot. I walked into it, ordered a pumpkin spice latte and sat down to review my terms. Starbucks in the Student Union happened to have just enough quiet and enough noise to keep me focused.

Everyone’s study habits are unique, so if you’re struggling to study, experiment with a few different study spots!

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