Outta here! Why one freshman regrets going home every weekend

I hated school last year. I hated it so much that I drove home almost every weekend. It wasn’t because my classes were too hard, because my roommate was crazy or because I missed home that much.

The truth is I wasn’t prepared to go from a high school with less than 500 students to a university with more than 4,000 students in the Class of 2014.

I was so excited to graduate and get away that I never took the time to say goodbye to anyone. I just packed up and left and then needed those goodbyes more than anything the second I got unpacked in my “new” room.

I was the only person in my graduating class to come go BG and even though “home” was only an hour away, I missed my best friend who was now three hours away at Western Michigan University.

Last year was rough and not exactly what I expected. I made some of the best friends possible and by May, saying goodbye to them for the summer was just as hard as moving in Day 1.

I promised myself that I wouldn’t make the same mistakes this year. I would not go home every weekend no matter how stressful school got.

Here we are and it’s almost October. I made some major changes. I was an Opening Weekend Group Leader; I coach Special Olympics soccer in Toledo; I teach Sunday School to preschoolers; I play intramural flag-football; I pledged Alpha Phi Omega; I and have only been home once since I moved in.

I can’t believe it’s almost fall break already. It feels like we were just buying our books, planning out naps in between classes and trying to pick out the classes that were going to consume our lives.

Campus has been pretty hectic lately and tomorrow starts the sixth week of classes, which means that fall break starts in just 12 days! It’s been a busy semester so far, but a good balance of class, fun and getting involved.

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