I knew classes would be big, but not this big!

One of the big differences about starting college is the class size. It is strange walking into a class where there are already 100 other people waiting for the lecture to begin.

I knew to expect this when I came here, but I really had to see it to believe it. And I sure did believe it! I have five classes – three of them being on the bigger side. Out of all five of these classes, I look forward to going to my two smaller ones.

 My Performance Studies class and my General Studies Writing class have approximately 20 people in them. It made me feel like I was in high school again. At first, I wasn’t really sure what to think about it, but as the weeks went by, I began to realize how much I loved these classes. Since they were smaller, I became closer with everyone and actually knew everyone’s names. I feel like I can talk to people easier in those classes, since it is a smaller group. However, there was a difference between my Performance class and my GSW class.

My Performance class consisted of people of all grades. This intimidated me, because I knew that I was only one of the few freshmen in that class. Everyone looked so much older and wiser than me. I felt that it was my place to keep quiet and to think before I spoke. I don’t know what I was thinking! I enjoy this class so much because everyone is friendly toward me and one another. I was not used to people really talking to me.

Back in high school, I felt as if I were almost invisible to my classmates. It seemed as if I was just there, and you had to be in that “social elite group” to actually be recognized by everyone. But not here. I consider everyone in my Performance class to be my friends, and I absolutely love them.

 My GSW class seemed to be easier for me, since it was made up of mostly freshman. It’s always fun to just sit and to listen to everything going on around me in that class and I especially love those I sit near! I have made some good friends in there as well, and like my Performance class, I always look forward to GSW.

It just really amazes me how much different college is than high school.

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