Bowling Green is a beautiful city. Actually, look at it!

If somebody asked you what you admired most about BG, what would your answer be? The campus’ art? The collection of colored squirrels?

My answer is the university grounds. In the small amount of time that I’ve here, I’ve come across some pretty awesome things.  If you walk onto Wooster Street, and follow it toward downtown, many simple things will go unnoticed unless you’re truly observing.

The railroad tracks are absolutely beautiful at sunset. Coming from Cleveland, Ohio, there is a lot of light pollution from the city. The stars at night, the clouds and the sunsets here have given me an entirely new appreciation for nature.

The tiny little shops and restaurants, like Myles’ Dairy Queen, Pisanello’s and For Keeps, give the city a comfortable, homey vibe.

The buildings are absolutely stunning; each seems to have their own little details. The Victorian-style houses are all uniquely structured. “Hair E. Canary,” my favorite, sits across from Ziggy’s bar and grill. The yellow paint is starting to fade, but the interesting stairwell and shapes of the rooms inside leave the observer intrigued.

My favorite landmark is the Wood County Courthouse clock tower. Visible from my dorm, it is beautiful to look at during a full moon.

One night, after finishing your research papers and before you hit up sky bar, take a walk around the outside of campus. Explore the town and actually observe the structures and developments, you’ll be amazed at how intricately detailed Bowling Green really is.

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