Blowing chunks meant blowing off class

I recently skipped my first class. Ever.

I was throwing up all over the place and I just felt like crap in the most literal sense.  Without my mom’s homemade chicken noodle soup, I didn’t know what I was gonna do. 

When you live in close quarters with a lot of people who you don’t know much about, it’s good to be precautious.  So basically, here’s everything you need to know so you don’t get sick.

No. 1 ALWAYS wash your hands! Every time you use the bathroom, wash your hands with soap AND water. Don’t just hold your hands under the water for a couple seconds and think all the germs are gone.  They aren’t. Wash em again, princess.

No. 2 Don’t breathe the same air as those who are sick. Sure, you may not know that they’re sick, but that’s why you wash your hands. When you’re around people who are sick, the chances of you getting sick are greater.

No. 3 If you do get sick, drink lots and lots of fluids. Water is the best, but sometimes you need something with a little flavor. I drank Powerade. The added nutrients helped me feel back up to par so I could make it to my classes and not fall asleep on my walk there. Also, sip soup. You know all that Ramen your mom bought for you before you came here? Put it to good use and eat it. 

No. 4 Speaking of sleep, get lots of rest.  Don’t pull any all-nighters if you are sick/feel like you’re getting sick.  I made that mistake and I felt 100 times worse the next day. Don’t do it. You’ll get sicker, resulting in other people getting sick. It’s not fun. No one wants to be sick.

5. Finally, if you need to, quarantine yourself. If you need a day to stay in your room and sleep or get caught up on homework, do it. You’re helping your fellow falcons by staying away from them and not getting them sick and you’re getting work done, which will result in better grades.

So I help some of these tips help you stay far away from being under the weather. Please, try not to get sick. It kinda really sucks. A lot.

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