‘Thank you BG for being a home away from home’

So, this Thanksgiving was much better than last year’s Thanksgiving, and I would like to share it with you!

As many of you know, I do not go home for Thanksgiving; it is too far and too expensive.  So, I opted to be one of the RAs on duty during Thanksgiving. Let me tell you, I barely saw anyone.

My days started with duty walks with my duty partner. Then I took a nap. Then it was lots of homework, movies and then duty walks again. Overall though, I ended up being productive (but it was strange that there was STILL stuff to do!)

I had a great friend invite me to Thanksgiving dinner and it was the bomb! The food was amazing and I, of course, hoarded some leftovers that lasted me about a day and half. Then I continued with my normal pattern of being … duty, sleep, homework, movie, maybe eat, duty ….

I suppose more than anything, this year I had a chance to mellow out, even if it was just momentarily. I thought about how truly grateful I was for my many blessings, especially my family.  So now my birthday is this week and I have exams up until finals. 

I can honestly say that I am seriously looking forward to going home for winter break. It will mark five months since I have been home.  Even though it will be a short visit, I am ready to let those who are important to me know that they are.  In short, I encourage everyone to take a moment and think about how lucky and blessed they are. That doesn’t mean you have the perfect life.  It means you value the little things and can recognize that hey, maybe it could be worse.

 So, thank you BG for being a home away from home and thank you my fellow student for continuously showing your Falcon pride!  Now let’s get through finals!!

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