Roommate issues are common and definitely healthy

My freshman year I only knew a handful of people going to BG.

I wanted to room with someone who I did not already know, but I was definitely worried about living with a random.

Instead of relying on the survey you take when signing up for housing, I took matters into my own hands.

I went on Facebook, and began talking with girls who were also on the BGSU Class of 2015 page.

Facebook is a huge help in roommate situations! After many conversations with many different girls, I found one that seemed to be a good fit for me.

To make sure of this, we decided to have lunch while we were both visiting BG on Presidents Day. After hanging out with our parents, and shopping in the bookstore together, we decided we were the perfect fit.

The rest of the summer, we used Facebook to continue getting to know each other and plan who would bring what to the room.

The first few weeks were great, but BG was not the perfect fit for her. She ended up transferring, and I had a random roommate to fill her spot.

I was absolutely terrified when I found out that I would have to have a random roommate! However, she ended up being an even more fantastic roommate than my first.

We were great friends, talked about our days before we went to bed and hung out at least once a month. Other than that, we had our own friend groups and did our own thing.

My experience from roommates went from being great to absolutely wonderful.

However, that is not always the case.

Roommate issues are common and definitely healthy. It helps develop confrontational skills, compromise and communication skills. If this is a struggle, your RA would be more than willing to assist with mediating conflict. If you have an absolutely horrific experience, it is possible to change rooms.

I believe that learning to live with a roommate is an important aspect of college. It teaches you important skills that you don’t learn in the classroom.

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