I am worried about living with a random roommate. Help!

Let’s face it, no matter how excited we are about starting a new chapter in our lives, they are always going to be things that we are nervous or scared about getting into.
It’s completely normal to be nervous. It is actually a good thing because you are putting yourself into a position of not knowing what to expect.
I bet one of those things is living with a random person, probably not even from the same city, and let alone the same state.
Being forced into a room together, compromising which side of the room you will take, what time you should go to bed because your new roommate is a “get-to-bed-early” person, it’s tough to think about. BUT it’s going to happen pretty soon so we have to prepare our minds before it happens.
Let’s first talk about the benefits of a random roommate. It forces you to get out of your comfort zone to start a new friendship.
Two, you will totally have someone to eat with on the first few days of school before you start to become super involved with organizations of BGSU.
Three, you can say that you lived with a random roommate.
A few more pieces of advice:
• I would bring my own mini-fridge because it really separates what is yours and what’s your roommate’s. You can put one under each bed or stack them.
• Respect your roommate. If you come back late from a long night of studying, don’t enter loudly. This will either wake up your roommate with a rage of war or just annoy your roommate. Take it from me, it’s not exactly welcoming.

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