Homesickness doesn’t have to ruin your experience at BGSU

So, since I finally bought my own car and since I was finally able to request some time away, I decided to go visit my sister in a little town called Painesville.  The drive was pleasant and I was so excited to see her.

Basically, we spent the weekend “chilling out.”  Well, to an extent.  My sister swims for college so I supported her at her first (and only) home meet.  It was so much fun and her college rocked! The team won by an insane margin.  After the meet, we ate, we went shopping, we watched movies. It was the most unproductive weekend I have had in a very long time.

Sunday late afternoon rolled around and I knew I had to leave.  I have always been fine being on my own and I only get homesick when I get a moment to think about it.  But saying goodbye to her that weekend was so much harder for me than I had originally anticipated.   Consequently, I have been thinking about it a lot and wondering why it was so tough.

My first “theory” is that seeing my sister and being lazy (well, more me than her on the lazy part) was probably the first dose of home I have had since February because I did not go home this summer.  Granted, my brother and sister visited for one evening during the summer, but I had to work and study and so it wasn’t nearly as chill or intimate as actually getting to be home and doing nothing!

My other “theory” is that well, maybe I get more homesick than I ever noticed or am willing to admit.  This may be applicable because I am that type of person who keeps busy, busy, busy.  I suppose that puts the thoughts of home on the backburner.   Then, when those thoughts are brought to the forefront, it’s nearly overwhelming.

A final possible “theory” may be that I realized by hanging out with her how different our lives are becoming.  Growing up as a triplet we did a lot of things that were similar or exactly the same and everyone knew us as the triplets.  College completely changed all that.  We all went our separate ways. That means that we will soon be going to graduate school (or my brother, paying back his service.  He is at West Point).  That means we really won’t see each other much anymore.

Those who are feeling homesick, I encourage you to try and figure out, why?  Notice that none of my reasons have anything to do with disliking BG or my classes.  I think that by analyzing these thoughts, I have been able to formulate ways to embrace the feelings while still being productive and enjoying my time here.

As stated in a previous blog, BG is my home away from home.  That is still true, but I realize that nothing can ever beat my home home.  I hope that those who are experiencing homesickness can embrace BG as their home away from home, while still appreciating where they came from.  Roll Along, Falcons!

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