What I wish I had known: It is OK to be homesick

I wish I would have known that most students suffer from being homesick in the beginning of their college careers.

I knew that I wanted to leave my hometown and explore new and exciting things at a college far away. I never knew that I would miss home as much as I did when I first began here at BGSU.

I can still remember my move-in day and watching my parents as they left. My mom will admit she cried when they left, but my dad won’t admit he did. I like believe he did, because I know I cried quite a bit when they left.

I had come to BGSU not knowing a single person and living three hours away. I was extremely nervous about moving in and not knowing anyone, but it didn’t really hit me until my parents left.

What I wish I would have known at that time is that most, if not all, students suffer from being homesick in the beginning. And I also wish I would have known that it is OK to be homesick, not only when you are starting college, but even when you have been in college for a long time.

All students miss home every once in a while, and that is perfectly fine. What I wish I would have known, and everyone should realize, is most students are homesick and just looking to meet new people. Although it can be very scary meeting new people, it will make your college experience much better. Some of my best friends I have met while studying here at BGSU and I know we will be best friends for the rest of our lives.

Starting your college career can be very scary and intimidating, especially if you are attending a college where you do not know a single person. What got me through my homesickness is remembering that my family will always be there whenever I need to visit and get away from college.

However, the biggest thing that got me through being home sick is going out and meeting new people. The awesome thing about BGSU is that meeting new people is as easy as walking out of your dorm room, seeing an open door on your floor, knocking and introducing yourself. What you’ll realize is that the people living in that other room will more often than not be willing and wanting to meet you as well.

Everyone who attends a college not in their hometown gets homesick; it’s inevitable. What I wish I would have known, and every college students needs to understand, is that all college students suffer from being homesick in the beginning of their college career.

My advice to you is to open your dorm room door and meet new people. I can guarantee that those other students will want to meet you as much as you want to meet them. Somewhere on BGSU’s campus, some of your best friends are waiting to be found. So go out and find them!

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