It is normal … to be overwhelmed the first week of college

When coming to college, it is normal that you will be incredibly excited and anxious to begin your new journey in life. It’s an opportunity to recreate yourself, meet new friends and establish a new way of life.

To be honest, when I first arrived on campus I was overwhelmed.  I was meeting tons of people, trying to get acquainted with my living arrangements and doing my best not to look like a typical “lost freshman” when navigating my way to classes.

No lie, college life is a huge adjustment. Don’t be afraid of it, embrace it. However, with all of your newfound freedom be sure to never lose perspective and stay true to your values. Like any large college, you are going to be exposed to a lot of different experiences and are going to have to maintain a sense of balance when approaching them.

Friends are going to want you to go downtown, watch a movie, play video games or go to a party. Take advantage of this time of your life and have fun. BUT you have to maintain perspective and realize that although there are a lot of distractions, school should come FIRST.

Develop a study plan and most importantly, hang out with friends who are also committed to their studies. You have learned by now that who you hang out with and associate with heavily dictates your own actions. If your friends are going to study for a huge final on Friday night instead of go to a party, you’re going to be encouraged to do the same.

I have been here for three years now and the people who are still here—paving a path toward a successful future— aren’t the ones at the bars every night, at the rec at all times of the day, or playing video games until 5 in the morning. Sure they indulged in those activities from time to time, but they are deeply indebted to their studies and their friends were too.

So sift through the incredible amount of people you initially meet and find friends that you can not only have fun with, but encourage you to be a better person and student. It goes a long way and you won’t have too much to regret by the time your finally ready to graduate.

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