Major Choice by Daniel

It wasn’t long ago that I was questioning my choice in major. Then something happened that made me realize I had chosen the perfect major for myself.

In my major (creative writing) we must attend weekly meetings in Prout Chapel. At these meetings the entire creative writing department gets together to listen as guest speakers and graduate students read samples of their readings aloud.

I was at the first meeting of the year and it happened to be a graduate student reading. We all listened attentively as the speaker read samples of his work. As he read his works aloud I found myself analyzing and critiquing his work. I found that I recognized both the excellent qualities of his pieces, and also that I had thoughts on how I might have written the piece differently. I could understand the symbolism in the work and appreciate the rhythm. I realized that I desired to write work as good as his.

This revealed to me that I was indeed meant to be a writer, and that I had chosen the perfect major. Not only that, but I also realized that I had chosen the perfect university for my major.

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