Adjusting to a New Town by Daniel

My life has been changing so much in my semester at BGSU, and one of the biggest changes I’ve had to adjust to is the new town.

In my home town I knew where everything was – the restaurants, the movie theaters, the book stores, the music stores and the electronic stores. Aside from the fun places, I also knew where the more important businesses were located such as the grocery stores, the doctors’ offices, the dentists’ offices and even the government offices.

The impact of this really hit home when I realized I didn’t know where I could get my hair cut here. It had been a few weeks since my last trim and my hair was far too long, but I didn’t know where to go. This really made me think about how much I had to learn about my new surroundings and to be honest the thought was a little unsettling. So I picked up the phone book and called the nearest salon, but I found out that the salon closed almost exactly two minutes prior to when I had called.

I was so frustrated, but the receptionist asked me to hold for a second. She had convinced the stylist to stick around for a few minutes to cut my hair. I was so grateful that I ran the whole way there.

I realized that new surroundings aren’t quite as daunting when the town’s residents are kind and generous.

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