My top three mistakes my freshman year

I made many mistakes my freshman year! The top three are:

1. Ordering books
2. Managing my meal plan
3. Overextending myself.

The first year of college is definitely a learning experience and everyone is different.

I am the oldest in my family so I had no siblings to help me figure out what to do or not do. Having to be independent and learn from my mistakes was a huge growing experience.

Ordering books was something I was definitely worried about. My freshman year, I ordered every book it looked like I would need.

Unfortunately, when I got to school and looked at my syllabi, I realized not every professor requires the book. Some did not use it at all!

I was so frustrated for wasting my time and money in searching for and buying these books. However, I learned from my mistakes, and now I check the syllabi to see if the book is required or recommended.

If I need it, I find the cheapest website to rent from. If the book is recommended but not required, I usually just borrow a friend’s if I need it to study.

Managing Falcon Dollars was trickier than I anticipated! Starbucks and Pinkberry got the best of me, and I was seriously struggling by the end of the semester.

Take into consideration the amount of Falcon Dollars/swipes you have in your meal plan, and plan the semester accordingly. It is not fun to be out of meal plan with three weeks left to go in the semester. Trust me, I know from experience.

The third mistake I would consider as significant is overextending myself. College in itself is a challenge, and as a freshman, it is a huge transition.

Taking classes, working, getting involved in organizations and making new friends is a lot to put on your plate. It is much better to ease into things and adjust to college life before committing to too many things.

Being involved is a wonderful thing! However, when you’re too involved, it gets difficult to do your best in everything you do.

College is a learning experience! We live and we learn, growing and maturing. Making mistakes is a part of life. We just have to make sure we learn from them.

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