Conklin’s convenient location makes the small rooms worth it

amberConklin was a very interesting dorm to live in.

It had many ups and downs, but overall I had a very good year.

It was a pretty small dorm, but it had a great location on campus.

It was air-conditioned; there was a good sense of community; and I had a blast while living there.

Living in Conklin worked out perfectly for me in terms of its location on campus.

It was about a 7-minute walk to the Union where I typically ate and spent time with friends, a 5-minute walk to the Education Building where most of my classes were at; it was a 5-minute walk to the Rec Center.

Many people also enjoyed being extremely close to the outdoor basketball courts, the library and the Outtakes in Kreischer.

Not only was it close in walking distance, but there was a shuttle stop right across the street from our front door!

On rainy or snowy days, I would wait in the lobby for the shuttle to be near and walk right out to the shuttle stop. I definitely miss this perk now that I live off campus and have to park in commuter lots.

While Conklin has a great location, the rooms were definitely tiny.

It took me most of the year to adjust after living in Centennial the year before!

However, I definitely grew to appreciate the close relationship I developed with my roommate while living in such a tight space.

I even started to like the cozy feel of our room! It began to be a comfortable place that felt like home.

We experimented with different ways to arrange everything and eventually found a setup that really worked well for us.

I have many fond memories from living in that small room with one of my best friends!

In addition to having fond memories in my room, I also have many fond memories of the people in my hall.

With it being a smaller dorm with community bathrooms, many people kept their doors open and socialized.

I felt a sense of community while living there, much more than I did while living in Centennial. I felt comfortable hanging out in the lounge, talking to anyone while doing laundry or even walking into someone’s room when his or her door was open!

Conklin was not at all on my list of dorms that I wanted to live in and I went into that year expecting the worst.

I’m so glad that I was wrong because that was one of the best years of my college career. I made many good friends, did well in my classes, felt at home in my room and I had a ton of fun.

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