Your First Semester: Expecting the Worst and Receiving the Best

Colleen blogThe summer before coming to Bowling Green State University was nerve-wracking.Three whole months full of questions, doubts, and anxiety. Way too many “what ifs” flooded my brain and I didn’t exactly know what to do about all of them. Don’t get me wrong, I was excited for my next four years here, but at the time the uncertainty outweighed the anticipation. Perhaps you feel the same way. If that’s the case, I’m here to help!

One of my biggest worries about coming to college was living in the residence halls. I was so used to having my own space, my own bathroom, and a bigger closet. I had heard so many horror stories of bad roommates, dirty bathrooms, and, alas, a puny closet and I wasn’t sure how to distinguish between the rumors and the truth.

In reality, though, I found that having a roommate is a ton of fun. My roommate and I have had so many early morning laughs and late night conversations that she’s easily become one of my closest friends here on campus! We easily bonded over music and Netflix. What more do you need?

I thought I was going to hate sharing a bathroom with so many other girls, but it has been an awesome opportunity for me to meet other people. It’s funny how easily you can become friends with someone who brushes their teeth at the same time as you do. And, let me tell you what, showering while blasting music and singing along to my favorite songs with my favorite people is my favorite thing.

Finally, you’d be surprised at how much you can fit into the closets, especially after you rid yourself of the clothes you never, ever wear. Yeah, that’s right. I’m talking about your freshman year wardrobe that still haunts the back of your closet because you just don’t feel like getting rid of it. But you and I both know that there’s absolutely NO way those outfits will ever find their way into your closet on campus.

The next worry I had was the whole reason why I was attending college: the academics. I was afraid of not being able to find my classes, missing my classes, and, worst of all, failing my classes. However, I made sure to explore campus a little bit on the Sunday before school started so that I could locate my classrooms and make sure I had enough time to get there. I also set five different alarms every morning of the first week of school to get me out of that summer-slump and, more importantly, out of my bed (which, I might add, is SO comfy). I made sure to buy a planner, or two (I know, I know, I’m crazy!), in order to ensure that I would stay organized and get my assignments completed and turned in on time. But, maybe you’re not an organization-freak like me. In that case, pat yourself on the back (sometimes it gets out of control) and rest easy because you can always head on over to the Learning Commons in the Jerome Library! They are a great, free tutoring resource that has been a huge lifesaver for me and countless others.

My last fear was being away from home and being on my own for such a long period of time. Whether you’re itching for freedom or not, everyone experiences this feeling at one point or another. In my first year here, I’ve found that video chat is a beautiful thing. I try to Skype my friends and family every so often and it really helps to catch up with them. Writing letters is also a fun way to keep in contact. Who doesn’t like getting mail? But, in all honesty, I haven’t been too homesick yet! I think that’s because I’ve found a home here at Bowling Green.

So, I hope that some of these words calmed some of your worries about your first semester at Bowling Green because that will give you some time to be excited for what is to come! Don’t let your fear drown out your excitement. If it does, I totally get it. However, know that you’re expecting the worst, but you’ll be receiving the best. — Colleen

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