Music major gets through the ‘sophomore slump’

tuckerYou may have heard the phrase, “sophomore slump.” Well, I am here to tell you that it is a real thing and that you aren’t stuck there forever.

I believe that classes get progressively more difficult in your sophomore year because you are taking classes more applicable to your major and you realize just how much work is involved in your major classes.

This doesn’t mean that you hate the major; it just means that you might not have realized how much work a college class may include.

I am a jazz studies performance major. It is not a very common major on campus or on any campus for that matter, and I did not study jazz much before I got to BG. Getting tossed into classes with students who already knew a lot about the music made it that much more difficult.

Something else that I think some students do not think about is that there are some core classes that go along with each major that you have to complete as well.

I know this is a fact for music majors at least. Sometimes classes aren’t directly related to your exact career, but you still have to complete them because everyone has to have a core knowledge.

I believe finding people in your major and having friends can be your best resource as you work your way through sophomore year.

It can be a very frustrating time, but as long as you push through with diligence you can get through your next two or three years because you just made it through the hardest one.

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