Don’t be nervous about sharing a bathroom

emily metzgerI enjoyed living in Harshman my freshmen year because many of the people who lived there were incoming first-year students like me.

It was fun to share the experience with people who were in the same situation as I was.

I did not have a very good experience with my random roommate, so it was super nice to have other people there to help me get situated and comfortable.

I also liked that everyone always left their doors open, which made it a very friendly and fun environment.

Having to share a bathroom with many girls on my floor was also an easy way to meet the people who lived on my floor.

I know a lot of people are always nervous about sharing the bathroom with a lot of girls, but everyone respects each other and usually cleans up after themselves.

Harshman is located at the edge of campus, but it’s not a far walk to get anywhere.

An Outtakes and Sundial is located in Kreischer, which is right by Harshman, so you don’t have to go far to get food.

The Carillon is an all-you-can-eat dining place and that’s not very far from Harshman either.

It’s really nice to live so close to the library, too.

The Rec is also really close to Harshman, so there was never an excuse to not go.

There is a basketball court between Harshman and Kreischer and it was a nice area to play any sport.

Sometimes different campus groups would have an activity or fundraiser there and that was always fun to be involved with.

I definitely recommend Harshman for anyone who wants to meet many lifelong friends, have the actual college dorm experience and enjoy eating at all the nearby dining halls.

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