Social work major says job opportunities are endless

photoA day in the life of a social work major is always very interesting.

The classes are very engaging and very broad.  Everyone is required to take classes from biology to psychology to American Government.

The first and second years have more to do with intro classes and different perspectives.  After getting some of those classes out of the way, it’s time to apply for the social work program.

Some of the core classes that are required for the social work program can be taken before being accepted into the program.

When students first come to college and want to major in social work, they are actually pre-social work students.  Students have to apply for the social work program by filling out an application and meeting certain requirements to be accepted.

After you get accepted into the social work program that’s when you get more into the core classes and get to take more social work classes.

After being accepted, there are many new requirements that you must follow to be able to stay in the program.

Students are required to keep a 2.5 GPA or higher and have to get a C or higher in all of their core classes.  If you do not receive a C or higher in these classes, you must retake the class.

You also want to keep in mind that you need a total of 122 credit hours in order to graduate. The advisors for the students in the program are very helpful in making sure that everyone gets 122 credit hours and graduates on time.

Your advisor will become your best friend.  He or she is there to answer absolutely any question you might have about anything!

Social work is such a broad major and there are so many different options available after graduation.  Throughout your education, you will figure out what your forte might be.  The advisors will also be very helpful to make sure you know all the choices out there.

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