Commuter makes connections through on-campus job

I’m from Perrysburg, Ohio, which is about 20 minutes from Bowling Green State University. charlie 2

The No. 1 reason I decided to commute was because of the cost.

I decided it would be much easier to continue living at home and still get a college experience.

In the first few weeks of school, I was able to adjust well and get into a routine.

I found all of the commuter lots and figured out how much time I would need to get to each class.

After I had established a routine, I decided the best way to feel like a part of campus was to find a job.

I successfully found a job on campus and I think that definitely helped me to feel included on campus.

I’ve made friends in all of my classes and it was a really easy adjustment for me. I’ve also attended the football games and other events on campus.

Being from the area, I already have some friends who attend the University so it really hasn’t been a difficult transition.

I spend a lot of time studying in the Student Union. Many students, even those who live on campus, go to the Union to study.

As a commuter student, it’s very important to remember all of your chargers! This is something I learned the hard way when I was writing a paper and my computer died right in the middle of it.

Make sure to bring your laptop and phone chargers and a good pair of headphones as well.

I also always keep a water bottle, a granola bar and an umbrella in my backpack just in case!

There is an option for commuters to have a meal plan so you can eat on campus, but I think it’s definitely beneficial to have your car so you’re not always stuck eating the food that’s being served that day.

I don’t think commuting has affected my college experience by any means. I have lots of friends and enjoy going home at night to see my family.

I know in the end I’m saving so much money on college,charlie which will help me out in the long run.

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