Kohl feels ‘overwhelmingly homey’

erin emeryKohl Hall may not look like much as you drive past the old brick building on East Wooster Street, or even as you pass it on campus, but when you step foot inside, your whole perspective will change.

Kohl Hall was built in 1939 and holds the record for the oldest residence hall on Bowling Green’s campus.

It has been standing strong through many eras on this campus, hosted countless numbers of students and experienced many changes, which I think all add to its charm.

If the double-sided staircase on the outside of the building don’t get you, the overwhelmingly homey atmosphere as soon as you walk through the doors definitely will.

The residents change year after year, but something that seems to remain the same is the legacy they leave behind. Doors are always open, people become so close-knit and the memories made are ones that will be never forgotten.

I honestly have never met one person who did not like his or her living experience in Kohl Hall.

I have, however, experienced, like all other residents, the lack of air conditioning.

Yes, this sounds earth-shattering, but once you buy your tower fan, personal clip fan for your bed and finally figure out how to open those pesky windows, you’ll forget why air conditioning was really that important in the first place.

During my time in Kohl Hall, the ECCO (Educators in Context and Community) learning community was still located in the residence hall.

I am so grateful that I joined a learning community as a first-year student because it allowed me to meet people right off the bat who had similar interests as me.

This made Kohl feel less like a residence hall and more like a home.

Currently, two other learning communities reside in Kohl Hall, and just as I did, the students are thriving.

I would recommend that students join a learning community because moving to a new place by yourself can be pretty scary, but already feeling a sense of belonging as soon as you arrive is comforting.

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