Offenhauer offers bigger rooms, activities

trentI lived in the Offenhauer Towers my freshman and sophomore years.

These dorms are usually for sophomores and juniors, but they have a few floors that are saved for freshman.

During my freshman year, I lived on a floor where the majority of the students were freshman, but we did have a couple upperclassman.

Our floor was very outgoing and energetic, so there was never a dull moment.

We were able to open our doors and prop them so that people could just stop by whenever they wanted. It was a great time to live with social people.

I thought the placement on campus was perfect for me. Offenhauer is close to the Life Science and Math Science buildings where I had most of my classes.

It is not too far away from the on-campus parking lot and there is a bus stop right beside Offenhauer, so you could easily take the bus or walk.

It is also really close to The Oaks dining facility and not too far away from the Student Union, so it is not too far out of anyone’s way to get food.

But even if you do not want to outside to eat, there is an Outtakes convenience store on the first floor so it is easy to just to get snacks.

I loved all of the activities that were available around Offenhauer when I lived there.

We had a nice area where we could play volleyball, as well as football and other sports.

Also, there were always things to do between the towers, such as collect change to see which tower would get the most. Plus, the staff was always really nice and helpful when I lived there. Trent

The floor itself has a great setup. The rooms are big and it is easy to move furniture around. I liked the wardrobe because you could move them to make maximal space, as well as use it for storage.

The bathrooms were the only things that could have been slightly negative. I was not upset at having a community bathroom (playing sports in high school helped me with that), but people did not always keep them clean.

We had someone come in and clean it, but some people would just pee on the floor and toilet seats so nobody could use them. Other than that, we always had enough showers and toilets, so the bathrooms weren’t terrible at all!

I definitely recommend Offenhauer for anyone who wants to have a bigger room, wants to be closer to food options and science-based classes and who wants to have a great dorm life experience!

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