What I wish I had known … buy your books after the first day of class

As I wrap up my junior year here at BGSU, I feel as if moving in as a freshman was both yesterday and a lifetime ago.  It sounds weird, but I can remember everything about move-in day perfectly, but at the same time it feels as if so much has happened since then.

I cannot believe I am already going to be a senior and I still think freshman year was the best year yet.  Looking back there is a ton of things I wish I would have known that I know now and here they are:

  • Even though I woke up at 7 a.m. for high school, an 8 a.m. class is still not as easy to wake up for (take them only if you’re a definite morning person)
  • If you park on campus without a proper parking pass or without paying the meter, odds are you’ll get a ticket.  Parking Services is good at its job. (Unpaid parking tickets put holds on your account)
  • Always do the reading for class. Maybe it was easy to get away with in high school, but if you don’t do the readings, you’ll end up staying up all night to get them done the night before an exam.
  • Don’t buy your books until you know if you’ll use them.  Sometimes teachers tell you on the first day you don’t need a book and you might have already wasted $70 on it. (But don’t wait too long)
  • A lot of the people on your floor in your residence hall will more than likely be your friends beyond freshman year.  Get to know as many of them as you can!
  • Don’t rush to live off campus, it’s fun, but you’ll never experience living with 100 other people your age again; you’ll miss it, trust me.
  • Don’t take your meal plan for granted; utilize it.  You have no idea how much you’ll miss it when you live off campus.
  • Go to the Homecoming football game; it’s one of the most fun days of the year.
  • When the University sends out emails about scholarships, apply for them! A lot of times not many people apply for scholarships because they don’t think they will get them, but if you’re eligible you’d be surprised how easy it is to win a couple hundred dollars or more.
  • Get involved no matter what it is, a fraternity, sorority, academic group, campus organization etc. You’ll be so happy you did when you put together your resume and apply for jobs later on, and it’s a great way to meet people.
  • Form a good relationship with your professors, especially in your major. It will help you in your classes and when you go to apply for jobs you’ll have plenty of professors willing to write a letter of recommendation.  Most jobs want at least two.
  • Realize that the next four years will absolutely fly by; enjoy every step of the way!

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