Don’t dread SOAR! Register for classes, make connections, review financial aid info

Summer started off quickly.  Less than a week after finals, I was in training for Student Orientation Advising, and Registration (SOAR).

I serve as an Orientation Team Leader for the summer.  It is my second summer working with Orientation, and I couldn’t be happier.  My new challenge was training all the new incoming Orientation Leaders.

In the spring semester, we would meet one to two times a week to slowly learn things.  During May training, it was time to bring everything together.  This group of students is incredible.  The current team has already made an impact on me in several ways.

With a few days of SOAR already done, it excites me to know that there are more than 20 more in June and July.  The relationships I have already built with students, parents and guests have been incredible.  I always discuss how friendly BGSU is.  Even the guests have told me this is the friendliest campus they have ever been to and are excited for their students to begin.

SOAR is important.  Most students and parents are dreading the one-day trip to BGSU and do not fully understand the importance of this event.  For students, it is one of the first connections to meet other students in their class and college. Additionally, it is a chance for them to gain more independence and learn a bit more responsibility.

For parents and guests, SOAR allows them to relax a bit more knowing their students are in good hands.  Vital information regarding housing, dining and finances is presented, which parents love to hear about.  And of course one of the most important things: scheduling for classes!

Now parents don’t freak out, but your students will be scheduling their classes ALONE with advisors.  It sounds risky, but the advisors are helpful, and students must learn how to schedule classes for future semesters.

I always end with some advice for students, but I also want to give advice to parents.


  • Let your student make the decisions for the day
  • If they you for all the answers, direct them to the guidebook or other faculty members for answers
  • Stay relaxed throughout the day
    • If parents are stressed, it is easier for students to freak out
  • Bring a book/newspaper with you
    • During student sessions or scheduling, parents are free to attend various events, but it is nice to have a book to read
  • Bring a jacket or sweater
    • It gets cold in some  buildings
  • Eat breakfast before you arrive
    • Unfortunately, breakfast isn’t provided (only coffee and juice)


  • This is a day for YOU
    • Take advantage of everything around you
    • Ask questions
    • Talk to other students or Orientation Leaders
    • Get involved in student sessions
    • Take responsibility for what needs to be completed by the end of the day
    • It is time to start being independent, and SOAR is a great transition for that.

That is all I have for you all this week.  Hopefully, I’ll be writing more frequently throughout the summer!  If you are coming to SOAR this summer, I look forward to seeing you there!

Until next time BG,


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