What I wish I had known: Don’t try to relive your h.s. schedule

Looking back to my freshmen year so many memories come rushing back. Both the good and the bad experiences have a fond place in my mind.

However, the list of what I wish I would have known is rather lengthy. Above all, one thing stands out in my mind that impacted everything else: unconventional schedules.

Coming fresh from high school I was in a groove. Same class, same time, every single day, same place, same people, practice before and after school, etc. made life a blur of the same old same old.

Then I went to college. Talk about a culture shock. If living on your own in a residence hall full of male and female freshmen, miles away from your family and friends in a city you don’t know wasn’t enough, this idea of classes being offered three times a week, twice a week for two hours or even once a week was mind blowing (I won’t even touch online courses).

All I can say is transitions can feel awkward at first, but once you embrace your newfound power everything changes generally for the good.

Having the freedom and ability to make your own schedule was my favorite part about college. For the most part I could control when my classes were, when I got up in the morning and when I crashed at night. If I wanted to take a shower at 2 o’clock in the afternoon just because I felt like, I could and I did, but like most of us it took me some time to realize this.

My first semester of college was me trying to relive my high school schedule and that just didn’t work. What seemed like second nature had become a foreign concept. Class wasn’t every day anymore, and clubs would schedule meetings as late as 9 pm, strange I know.

By my second semester I was ready to try something new. Trial and error is the best teacher. In time I mastered the juggling of classes, intermural sports and club meetings into this web of craziness that suited me just fine.

Everyone is unique and so is their schedule and the way they spend their time. Sleeping and eating must be factored in, but maybe the time you eat lunch on Monday isn’t the same as Wednesday and that’s OK.

College is about figuring out what works for you and then pursing it wholeheartedly. Learn from my experience, and try something different. If you’re nervous and really hesitant that’s a good sign something positive could come from that experience. Go ahead try it, you may find you like unconventional schedules too.

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