What I wish I had done … joined a fraternity

I cannot believe it is already April! There are only two more weeks of classes, and one week of finals until summer vacation officially begins!

Just a few months ago I was traveling the country visiting national parks.  Now, I am about to finish my junior year?!  Time goes by before you know it.  I am sure most of you hear that college is one of the best times of your life and that you should take advantage of it.  Well, I am.

Since I started college I have had a few regrets.  I wish I would have joined a social Greek Organization.  I am currently in Alpha Phi Omega, which is a co-ed service fraternity, but it has a different feel from a social fraternity.  I am thankful though I did get involved with Alpha Phi Omega.  I recently was not elected onto our executive board.  Instead of mopping around and complaining about how much my life sucks, I decided to suck it up.  Everything happens for a reason.  Now, I am running for a pledge educator position, which I have wanted since I joined in the Fall of 2010.

Dance Marathon has inspired me to do more with that organization.  I had the opportunity to apply to be on steering.  Steering is the 20 or so individuals who plan Dance Marathon.  Part of me was telling me not to because I have always wanted to be a morale captain.  So, I didn’t turn in my steering application and am going to attempt to be a morale captain in the fall.  I hope that all goes well and I get it.  If not, then I’ll continue my involvement with Dance Marathon.

In other good news, I received ANOTHER scholarship.  Currently, I have at least $8,200 for next school year.  The most recent one I got did not tell me how much, so I have to wait and see.  Tuition costs about $10,000, which means I only have $1,800 more to go!! Scholarships are EVERYWHERE.  Apply, apply, apply.  If you don’t apply, you cannot win.  Simple as that.

My advice to all of you: Do what you want.  If you want to start an organization about preventing bullying, then do it.  If you want to change your major and be on the five-year plan like me, then do it.  Don’t spend these amazing four (in my case five) years of your life regretting things.  Take advantage of everything around you and enjoy BGSU!  I know I have.

Until next time BG,


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