You’ve almost made it! The end of the semester is near. Hang on!

Uh.  WOW.  These last two weeks are totally killer.  Last week, I got assigned four, count them, four major projects. (>200 points).  So, needless to say, I have been working like crazy.  Actually, I just ordered my organic chemistry study guide for my final, too.  Isn’t my life totally thrilling?

Mostly, I wanted to talk about how I have noticed my work ethics change … or not change. Now, I have always had an abnormally high work ethic.  But I notice that I am holding myself more accountable now that we are in the end of the semester and I think it is because I am trying my hardest to maintain the decent grades that I have gotten throughout the semester.  While it may appear the work ethic has changed, maybe it hasn’t…. I think the amount of work has just increased.  So, my next question, why is it that the work we have always appears to double toward the end of the semester?

This is not going to be a rant about how college students should get to relax and blah blah.  We are in college, college is hard, college is a lot of work so I find it pointless to complain about such things.   Mostly, I want to know what makes the last couple of weeks of the semester the most crucial?  Why does the work seem pile up as high as Mount Everest? And why do I wish I was already done?!

I guess these are questions that we really can’t get an answer to.  I mean we can assume that maybe the end of the semester is your final test or that the professor forgot to assign assignments during the earlier parts of the semester.

Personally, I think it would be best to just take it in stride.  WE ARE SO CLOSE.  So don’t throw all of the work that you have already done this semester out the window.  You can do it! You just have to motivate yourself and remind yourself that while these may be the greatest four years (or five…) of your life, they will surely be the fastest and pass you by within the blink of an eye.

Personally, I am so excited to be nearly done. Just think … I may conquer organic chemistry. Then it’s summer time.  No, I won’t be going home, but I will have my BG home and BG family to make sure I stay sane.   Keep it up, Falcons.  We are almost through another year.  Stay classy BG!

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