Harshman and Kohl both have location perks

I am in my final semester and I feel that it is safe to say I have grown to know and love the campus. I know that housing sign-up is under way and some of you might be a little uncertain as to where to live. I would like to offer my opinion on the most important factors to consider.

1.) Location- What is near the residence hall you are considering? If you are someone who finds it difficult to be on time, you might want to be close to a majority of your classes. If you are someone who enjoys eating, you may want to be located near a dining hall.

2.) Community- Do you want to make new friends or only keep the old ones? If you would like to make new friends then community should be important to you. You are more likely to make friends in halls that are focused on building community. Suite-style living is not recommended if you want a community.

3.) Cost- Some people have to worry about this more than others. This could make your decision easy.

I have a few recommendations as to which halls have always seemed the most enjoyable based off these important factors.

I live in Harshman Anderson. This is my first year in this building and I enjoy it. The community created from living in a predominately freshman residence hall is one that cannot be beat. What I like about Harshman is the sense of acceptance and belonging. The entire building is almost a family and everyone gets along fairly well.

Friendships made in Harshman tend to continue through graduation. The only downfall for this location is its location. It is not located near any major classroom building. However a definite perk is that Harshman is within walking distance from the recreation center, football stadium,  a dining hall (Sundial) and the Stroh Center!

If you are interested in athletics and staying in shape I would truly recommend you consider staying at Harshman. Another perk is there is a bus stop right in front of the building. So even if it is a bit of a hike to get to your classes, you can always catch the shuttle! But Harshman is not the only location I would recommend.

I also would recommend is Kohl Hall. I have never lived in Kohl Hall, but I have only heard good things about it. I have always admired its location with the dining hall Carillon Place right next to the building. Kohl community has always seemed to be a tight-knit group as well. Kohl is also closely located to some prime buildings like the Education Building, Olscamp Hall, the Business Administration building and the Union.  The shuttle also stops within feet from the building.

Hope this helps with your big decision.

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