Why I loved living in … Kohl and Founders

There’s such a buzz about Centennial Hall. Yes, it’s brand-new and conveniently located on campus, but it isn’t the only nice place to live on campus.

I’ve lived in two residence halls (Kohl and Founders) and I’ve loved my experience in both halls. I’ll give some information about both.

Kohl Hall:


  • Location! It’s close to almost everything, and it was especially nice for me because I am an education major and most of my classes are located in the Education Building or on old campus. Last year, none of my classes were more than a 10-minute walk from Kohl.
  • Dining hall- Kohl is right next to the new Carillon Place dining hall. Trust me—when it’s freezing in winter, you’re not going to want to walk very far to eat! (I’m certain of this. When I lived in Kohl, Carillon wasn’t built yet.)
    • Pinkberry!!! In case you didn’t know, Pinkberry is probably the most amazing frozen yogurt place in existence. Seriously. They have about six flavors and TONS of toppings. AND it’s located next to Carillon, so it’s also right by Kohl!
  • It’s a small residence hall. There are only three floors in Kohl, so by the end of the year we were all pretty familiar with each other. Also, because it was so small it tended to be fairly quiet, which made it really nice for studying!
  • Learning community requirement. In order to live in Kohl, you have to belong to a learning community, PCC (Urban Educators) or Chapman. Both communities are full of great people, and it’s nice to live with other people who are involved. Also, for people in Urban Educators, most of the people are taking the same classes you are, which is convenient for group projects or homework questions!
  • Community! Everyone in Kohl tends to keep their doors open, so people are always coming by just to say hello. Kohl is a very social residence hall.


  • Community bathrooms! Really, they aren’t THAT bad, but I like to have my own space. And it was a pain to have to go down the hallway to the bathroom.
  • Honestly, I have no other complaints about Kohl! I loved living there.


  • Location: Founders is close to almost everything. A bit farther from the Education Building, but it’s still really close!
  • Suites. This means a common area and private bathrooms. Need I say more?
  • Quiet: Since everyone has their own suite, the hallways tend to be extremely quiet, which is nice for studying.


  • Because everyone has their own suite, Founders tends to be known as an “antisocial” residence hall. My floor this year seems atypical because we all do things together, but other floors seem much less social than we are.

Overall, I think that all of our residence halls at BG are great places to live. I haven’t heard many particularly horrible things about any of the halls. I have loved living in residence halls so far (although I can’t wait to move in to my apartment next year—I’m ready for a kitchen!) Good luck choosing a residence hall! Remember, even if Centennial is full, it isn’t the only (or best!) option for campus living!

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