Haunted Happenings by Caitlyn

So, just like anyone else, I always get a little thrill out of being afraid. But did you know that there are “haunted” places in BG where you can test these fears? I know! I am so fascinated by these stories! I do not know if I believe in hauntings or “evil” spirits who are out to get us, but I do believe in spirits.

The first place is the Potter House. Basically, the Potter House is said to be a site of a murder suicide sometime in the 1970’s.  While the house does not stand anymore, there are two barns and a garage. When the house was standing, there was said to be blood stains and if people would go in, things would fly through the air and cabinets would open and shut. Now, people claim to be able to see the outlines of the spirits of the family in the garage and stuff will randomly move and go through the air. I visited the Potter House once when it was raining and was too afraid to get out of the car! When I decide to explore, I will let you all know what happens!

Another lesser-known haunted place in BG is Checkers Pub. Personally, I do not know a lot of about why Checkers Pub is said to be haunted…. But I remember finding a website way back when that supposedly had a picture of a spirit in the mirror, but when you turned around to actually look there was nothing there.

BG’s campus also has haunted stories! The theater is supposedly haunted by an actress named Alice, and if traditions are not followed or someone speaks badly of Alice, sets have been known to fall apart, injure actors and make electronics go offline.  The Chi Omega Sorority house is also said to be haunted by Amanda.  Amanda rushed Chi Omega in the 80’s and the night she was supposed to be inducted she was hit by a train, or so the story goes. They say Amanda was so desperate to be in Chi Omega that her spirit has returned to the house and she has her own “room” and closet where stuff will randomly appear, lights will flicker and Amanda’s room and closet lock and unlock randomly, and so on.

But my personal favorite is Holcomb Woods. Holcomb Woods is off Route 199 and it is said that a bus driver was driving a bunch of pain in the butt kids when he went crazy and crashed the bus into the woods, killing everyone aboard. If you go to the woods, you will see a large empty space where the bus supposedly crashed. When you get by the empty space you are supposed to turn off your car, honk your horn and flash your headlights.  If you do this, you might see little eyes in the trees, or headlights, maybe even taillights. Some people have said their car would not start and some have had little handprints all over their car and even their sunroof!

Well, my friends and I like to check out this spot occasionally and there are two visits that stand out. The first visit to Holcomb Woods we did not turn out off our car because we were a little worried.  We looked behind us and saw headlights, we assumed it was someone else trying to summon the spirits so we thought that it would be hilarious if we could freak them out. So we drive back the other way super fast! But when we got there… the lights were gone….and all that was there was this black cat.  (SIDE NOTE! Our friend said if we see a black cat we need to leave…there is some thought that this cat has something to do with the hauntings or the crash. But I really dislike this cat.)

Well, we went back a second time just to try again. This time, we turned off our car and did the whole spirit-summoning routine. I got especially freaked out this time because once we turned off the car and tried to turn it back on, it wouldn’t start! We tried about four or five times before trying to calm down and our car finally started.  We started to race out of the woods when fog suddenly appeared, but only as we were leaving.  And that darn cat.

So I do not know what to make of these events, but they make for great stories and blogs! Maybe one of these days, I will ask someone in the Chi Omega house about Amanda, go into the Potter Barn or go to Checkers Pub! I am sure there will be more stories to come.

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