Why O’ Why Sickness by Demetrius

Well…if none of you have been lucky enough to be sick on campus yet…then…I HATE YOU hahaha…no I don’t…but I envy you. I was lucky enough about two weeks ago to come down with what I thought was just a “common cold”…but if you didn’t catch on by the mood of this piece…it mutated…into meningitis and let me tell you IT WAS NOOOTTTT FUN AT ALL!

I was “lucky” enough to just have the viral infection kind (thank God..phew) and I got to experience a woman being pregnant in her first six weeks…guess what people – I’M A MAN…so morning sickness..not so fun. Nausea: HATED IT. Dizziness…HA..it was hell. But that is all over now and I am here to tell BG…TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!  I don’t know how I contracted this KEPELEPTICAL (**my word** haha) ILLNESS but I did.

I think part of it had to do with my irresponsibility in the shower. Now it might be cliché to say… “I got meningitis from the shower…AHHHH” However, honestly..it’s a good possibility. I mean…the steam from other shower stalls and people coughing in them and it flows and its just a process. Or it could be from sharing drinks with people I have only known TWO MONTHS. DON’T BE A STUPID STUDENT!

There are several ways a first year student can avoid this hell of sickness and I’ll tell ya how (:

1.     Shower ONE HOUR before going anywhere, giving your hair and body adequate time to dry.

2.     WEAR shower shoes and cover your toothbrush heads.

3.     WEAR A COAT WHEN IT’S COLD..with a hat and scarf if possible …I mean c’mon!

4.     MOST IMPORTANT: (cliché I know…) DON’T SHARE DRINKS!

There’s a little advice from me that I thought may have gotten me through. Sorry I’ve been gone for so long…I have found out I actually have a few followers..so here ya go.

More later…

Love, Meech (: 

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