Relationship Woes by Demetrius

We all go through them…we all hate them. It’s the problems of love that make our hearts weary and our eyes teary. …sigh…that’s what we do … sigh and hope to feel better at the end of the day. But!! I am here to help a little…just a little…mind you I am going through these problems so OBVIOUSLY I am NO expert by any means but I can offer the helping hand.

Days when you have a date..think it’s going to go great because you absolutely adore the person you are gonna see that night…that you are gonna spend THREE AMAZING hours with having fun. You plan to watch a movie…go for a walk..and end with some connect during the night and you are all like “YES YES YES YES YES THIS IS WORKING OUT!!!” ..then the night ends..seal it with a kiss. Walking away you talk about (what you don’t know at the time are empty thoughts) plans of meeting up again soon because you both had so much fun. Unlucky you being the one that really wants this second date to happen..this second night of pure amazement and the GOOD kind of chemistry…however, it doesn’t happen.

At this point don’t be saddened..don’t even be sad if you don’t make it to the date point. The advice I am giving here is this: Don’t waste precious time trying to look for love and a relationship because chances are you are a busy college student, so it doesn’t matter. You have to realize that sometimes for some people it works out…and for some…you get the short end of the stick. One day you will have love for someone and they will have love for you, and you both will be in sublime bliss…but my point is don’t go reaching for it when you can just let it happen. I made that mistake and learned the hard way…and plus..BEING SINGLE ROCKS…sometimes. Ha! I end with this note…TAKE IT EASY AND LET TIME DO THE WORK FOR YOU. That’s all for now..more coming.

Love, Meech (:

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