That Time of the Year by Rebecca

So, I know I’ve written about being sick before, but this week, I was sick enough to miss classes. I missed three classes and work this week, which was kind of worrying to me. Luckily, I haven’t just skipped classes for fun. Because I’ve saved my absences, I am not facing any real consequences for not going this week. I know some people who have skipped classes often because they don’t feel like going. All of my classes have pretty strict attendance policies so I’ve avoided missing classes all semester.

This is also the time of year when people start realizing that they’re going to fail classes, so it’s a really stressful time here around the dorms. People are really tense and they’re all upset about their classes. I’ve had a relatively easy semester. All of my classes seem like they’ve been easy compared to other people that I know. Though I think my classes are easy, I know that studying, taking notes and doing my homework has all helped me receive and keep my good grades.

Registration for spring classes has come and gone. So has October. Now it’s November and drawing closer and closer to finals week. I have a feeling that the last two to three weeks of the semester are going to be crazy. Though I only have one final exam, I do have final projects and take-home tests for classes. I’ve tried to get ahead, but I’m not sure how possible that’s going to be. Hopefully, as the semester winds down things will fall into place.

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