Keeping Up With Your Work by Demetrius

Geesh…if I get any more work piled on my plate I think I am going to BURST INTO PIECES. Basically, here’s the deal…since I was sick, I missed EIGHT DAYS STRAIGHT of GSW (I don’t recommend that btw) …and I had to write this paper on “Speculating Causes” or whatever, and it was just a pain in my butt!! But I finally got the dang thing done and turned it in today.

Well, when I go to turn it in, my teacher tells me that I need to have a rough draft in for my fourth paper by Monday. Even though I have ample time to do this since it is now just Wednesday, I just feel flooded with work because I also have to prepare for two exams,  do about seven hours of homework and ON TOP OF ALL OF THAT …I have to make a rough draft on a solution to divorce. Ugh this is stressing me out.

The whole reason behind my stress is because I didn’t keep up on my work, and I am here to tell you all to KEEP UP ON IT!!!!!!!! Don’t you dare for one flipping second slack on your work because if you slack once, you JUST KEEP DOING IT…AS SIMPLE AS THAT! It can be difficult at times, but as corny as it sounds, I truly am finding out that a little belief in yourself can get you through it.

The main goal you have to keep your eyes and mind on is that you are working toward your degree here in college, YOUR CAREER..ya know? The thing that you dreamed about when you were a kid? Well ya..that thing. And the better grades you get here…the better chance you have of owning a Lexus one day hahaha. So..that’s all I have for you for now, but more to come. 

Love, Meech (:

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