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Vidya Nalawade

Summer classes started… Ohh no.. Again… (Just kidding) This will be my first time studying in the summer. I am little bit excited about it but also worried that I will miss nice weather outside. It will be so good, just like my place Mumbai. But I guess that is the life of a graduate student.

Anyways, my summer break was really good. I went to Shipshewana. It is a small place in Indiana, USA. It is well-known for the Amish County. I heard about Amish people, when I first came to US from my American friend and I always wanted to meet them. At the start, I was not ready to believe the way they live. She told me that, “Amish people live in rural areas, refuse to use electricity and other modern things, and dress very plainly. They are, perhaps, the most visible of all religious “dissenters” in the United States – those who endeavor to fully isolate themselves from wider American society. They don’t vote and they don’t enlist in the military, but they do pay taxes.”

At last, I got a chance to get to know the Amish culture and it was simply amazing. How they choose to live their lives is totally different from our lives. I was inspired by their dedications towards their culture and also faith in their religion and values. I learned one thing after meeting and talking with them is the DEDICATION towards your goals and beliefs. They believe in what they feel is right and just follow it. You really need to have courage to do that.


Their life is totally different and one important thing is they choose to live like this because of the religious beliefs. It’s a choice and not enforcement. I was quite inspired by their way of living and also their culture.

I am so glad that I got a chance to know something excellent and inspirational and I feel new experiences are very important in your life, they teach you a lot. One important thing I discovered after this small tour is that, “The dedication towards your goal is the most important key to be successful.”

Here is the link for more information about Amish people:


Vidya Nalawade

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