Missing Snow by Vidya


Vidya Nalawade

If anyone of my friends is reading this blog, they will surely kill me. Because, I was the one who used to hate Snow and used to say, “I miss my place L I hate this snow and cold! When will it be summer and just the Sun in the Sky.” But the truth is; now I am really missing snow.

I discovered one thing: once you spend a little bit of time at any place, you will fall in love with that place. You become part of it and also that place becomes a part of you. Believe me, once you are here in the USA, after some time, it will feel like HOME.  You will feel that you know this place very well. Just imagine, a girl like me, who is out of her home for the first time and has fallen in love with Bowling Green. I really love it here, and if anyone asks me, I am ready to say that Bowling Green is my Second hometown. This will be the first place which will come into my mind if anyone starts talking about the USA.


I agree, it is a small town. We don’t have fancy clubs and bars here. But I think this is the best place for students…No distractions at all!  J  At this time of the year, I am in love with the recreation center (Gym) of the University. Anyways, this blog is about snow, I started missing that cold weather, when you plan to come here everyone will scare you about the cold weather but you will love it and if not at the start, still you will miss that weather after some time, the way I am missing it now L. I think I changed a lot, as someone has said, “Change is the only constant in life.”

So, trust me, once you are here for some time, you will experience that you know this place and you will fall in love with BG for sure. There are so many reasons for that. For me ,most important reason is I am surrounded with nice and helpful people. This is a small town, so I became familiar with roads in a very short time, so I feel like I know this place very well. Hence, I don’t feel like I am an outsider. So, if you are really planning to come to the USA, mark BGSU as your first option. I am telling this to you because I feel, coming to Bowling Green was the best decision of my life.



Vidya Nalawade

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