Some Tips for College #2 by Teresa

Teresa Lotz

-The first month may feel like hell and you may be homesick and feel overwhelmed and want to come home. Don’t. Give it a semester. Things do get better.-Don’t be surprised if when you come home for winter break, things are different.

-Get off campus at least once a month or you’ll go crazy! It can get suffocating.

-After your first all nighter, be sure to get enough sleep the next day. All-nighters are inevitable. An energy drink at 3 am will not kill you.

-Don’t party on week-days. Never ever ever! I mean it.

-Make it a goal not to skip each class more than once a semester. It will catch up with you if you’re not careful. Sometimes people need mental health days.

-College never gets easier but it always gets more manageable.

-Take advantage of the health center’s free counseling when you’re having a problem!

-I don’t suggest taking notes on a laptop. I’ve done it…and I usually end up playing online chess more than listening to the professor.

-Pack your bookbag the night before so you don’t forget anything for your next day classes.

-Get a good alarm clock, a 8mb flashdrive for your keyring, and an hourly planner!

-The best advice will come from upperclassmen. They’ve already done it! They can help.  Ask yourFellowFalcon – they are ALL upperclassmen!

Teresa Lotz

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