Lost in the GPA…by Vidya


This blog may sound juvenile to you people but this is a big transition. I thought about writing this blog when I received my first grades and I was totally lost trying to calculate my GPA and was not sure what “GPA” is.  I am from a country, like many other countries, where we use a percentage method. However, in the USA we have the “GPA system.” GPA (Grade Point Average) is the method of calculating performance of the student in academics, and it is a four-point scale, meaning 4.0 is a perfect grade.  It goes like this:

4.0 = A

3.0 = B

2.0 = C

1.0 = D

Anything lower is an F, or a failing grade.

Trust me guys, GPA is the most simple and efficient system to plot the progress of the student. I agree that every system has some drawbacks but I like this system because for employment purposes, GPA is not the only consideration for everything.  Employers also consider your extracurricular activities.  Imagine you are working on some good profile; you will need all other skills other than just your academics.

I am telling you this because at least you will know now how things will work otherwise. When I came here I was utterly lost in the new system… you might say “Lost in the GPA…”

And one more thing, here is the link which shows how to calculate GPA. I thought it might be helpful to you some day. J



Vidya Nalawade

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