Move-In Day by Teresa

Teresa Lotz

Thursday, August 26, 2007

So, I arrive!  We park, walk around trying to find the entrance, go in, I get some papers, trade in my student ID for a cart, and we go up to the room. 

It’s plain, gray, not too big, with raised beds allowing room underneath, and a desk with shelves and a burreau.  We load the boxes into the room. Mom’s body has been acting up, so she for the most part stayed in the room, unpacking previously mentioned boxes.  Patti, my sister, was a great help.  She knew all the ins and outs of college-dorming.  We made a table out of two random boxes and a TV stand out of my amplifier and my neon green fluffy carpet.  Convenient.  We even fit the neon green chair.  It was great. Happy Feet poster from my high school best friend Shannon is officially posted in the right half of my under-bed area and the back wall is lined with soda…pop…soda…pop…or as Natalie would put it …”pap.”

I have pictures stabled to the backwall of the desk.  They remind me of home, and really I can’t look at them without wishing I was back home…everyone says you’re supposed to be so busy you don’t notice you’re home sick.  I’m so busy that it’s making me more home-sick.

I’m afraid.  It’s noon and my room mate hasn’t quite arrived, so Mom, Dad, Patti and I go to Subway.  I get a nice Sweet Onion Chicken Terriyaki sub with american cheese, tomatos, honeymustard, lettuce, and sweet onion sauce on toasted wheat bread (the detail was not necessary…it was just a good sub.)  I also enjoyed two very soft oatmeal raisen cookies.  Patti went next door and got an eternet cable.

To make a long story short, after some long hugs and goodbyes, the family left. I didn’t want to draw it out too long, for fear of emotion setting.  Natalie, my new roommate, and her folks arrive.  Her mother is nice.  Very nice—her sister seems down to earth. She’s a pysch major that plays violin–i had a few words with her.  The father seems just as nice.  Natalie seems…negative.  Not the personality I enjoy in a person. As a matter of fact, Natalie seems like the very type of person I work hard to avoid. I am giving her a chance….

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