Night on the Town by Anna

It was finally December. I had turned 18 the month prior, and was just waiting for my best friend to turn 18 so we could finally go out and legit party…

And this was our night to celebrate. Our birthday party, as we called it. Her boyfriend was 21, so he supplied the alcohol, and then we went out. We started out at a local college bar, and had a blast. When we were done there, we decided to just keep bar hopping and living the night up, but at each bar, there were always older guys who offered more and more shots, and at the time, we didn’t know our limit, so we just kept taking them. Luckily my best friend’s boyfriend was there watching over us, just in case something like that happened. By the end of the night though, we were both totally hammered, and we really were walking victims. Victims of anything or anyone. It was a lot of fun, but now that I look back on it we both put ourselves in vulnerable positions. BGSU for the most part is a very safe campus, but it only takes one person to change your life. College does involve partying, and you are an adult, so you choose how much and what kind, but you also need to party smart. Most everyone’s gonna drink sometimes, but as lame as it sounds, do it responsibly. Now my friends and I have a system where a few of us will go out but not drink and keep an eye over everyone else. We also know our limits, and we never go anywhere alone. The nightlife your first couple months here is going to be very alluring, just keep it safe. We got lucky that night, but not everyone’s always gonna get that lucky.

Party smart, that’s all I’m sayin.

Until next time,

Anna 🙂

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