Flashback…by Vidya


Vidya Nalawade

I still remember the day, when I received admit letter from Bowling Green State University with tuition waiver for the MBA program…

After reading the letter, my mom almost started crying as it was a big achievement for her as well. I am from very traditional family which believes in their own traditions and also respects the others. So for my dad it was a big deal that his daughter is going to the USA which is far away from the Mumbai and also visiting me was quite impossible and expensive. As a result, everyone was little bit scared because of their own reasons, but still happy for me.

The person who was most scared after thinking about studying in the USA was me. Next day itself, I asked my brother “Do you think I will be able to take this big step; we don’t have any relatives in the USA. Most of my friends who went to the USA for study or anything they have someone there already.” My brother was positive about it so he was trying to encourage me. But at last my mom was able to read my mind and told me, “Vidya, we are already proud of you so be positive. I don’t want my daughter to be scared of something or lose her confidence.” That really motivated me and hence, I was ready to feel that fear and still was ready to go ahead and complete my dream.

I was getting ready for next big challenge of my life. After getting the admission letter, I had so many things to finish, first and most important thing was completing visa process. I knew if I am not getting visa then I cannot go to the USA. I was not able to complete shopping, visiting friends and everyone and also was not able to resign from Accenture. Everything was piled up until my visa was done.

At last I got the Visa and then race began. Shopping, putting resignation, meeting everyone and applying for educational loan and so many other things. Those two months were crazy but really great. So one advice, if you are planning to come for studying here, you will be fine if you plan ahead of time and the most important thing is, “Believe in yourself because people believe in you more.”

Vidya Nalawade.

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