Some Tips for College #1 by Teresa

Teresa Lotz

Always wear flipflops in the shower no matter how big of a pain it is!

-Always take clothes to the shower in case the fire alarm goes off when you’re in it!

-Stock up on EZ Mac, soup in a can, chef boyardee, and water bottles!

-Before your classes start each semester, make a plan to walk around campus and find all the buildings so you don’t get lost on day one!

-Never Leave without your keys and ID (even when you’re just going to the bathroom)…and ALWAYS lock your dorm door!

-Always have Febreeze on hand!

-DO laundry once a week. Trust me.

-Get a laptop lock so you can connect your laptop to your computer.

-Always have spare quarters, even if the laundry machines aren’t quarter-operated.

-Your RAs are there to help you. Use them as resources.

-Don’t be afraid to say ‘no’ if you have too much to do. A lot of people in college will stop caring about academics and they will invite you out all the time. Sometimes you can’t do it! And it’s not ‘uncool’ to say that.

-Call your parents. Even if you don’t want to, call at least once a week. They’re having a hard time too!

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