Honors College isn’t about grades; it’s about learning

Honors classes in high school versus honors classes in college are different.

In college, it’s about more than just a letter grade. In high school, the honors or AP courses are weighted and can give you a 4.3 GPA instead of a 4.0.

High-achieving high school students want their GPA to be as high as it possible can so that they can brag about it to their relatives and add it to their killer college applications.

But once you actually get to college, things change a bit. There are no more 4.3 GPAs in college.

Though honors courses might be more credit hours, they will NOT give you an abnormally high weighted GPA.

Once you get into the honors college, it’s no longer about impressing admissions offices with your good grades, it’s actually about learning.

If your goal is only to gain the title of “graduating with honors,” you will not gain anything from the Honors College experience at BGSU.

You need to work extremely hard and focus your energy on actually learning from the concepts and retaining lessons that will help you throughout your life.

I’m not saying that grades aren’t important in college, but in the Honors College it’s better to be in the mindset of wanting to learn rather than wanting an A.

It’s not about the GPA number or the title; it’s about what you take away from each course.

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