Don’t be afraid to talk to your RA if you have roommate issues

I didn’t really care about having a roommate one way or another when I came to college.

I had shared a bedroom with my little sister since before I could remember, and I figured that it couldn’t be much different than that!

I was so wrong.

During my freshmen year, I had two roommates.

My first roommate was OK, but I decided I wanted to be with somebody who I liked more!

I met a girl in my studio from the College of Musical Arts, and we got along pretty well in the course of a couple weeks.

I thought she was best friend material for sure. So I did what any naive freshmen would do – I applied to switch rooms.

Jumping in to something like that without any forethought was the wrong thing to do.

I moved out of the building of my Learning Community (Arts Village) thereby distancing myself, and making it harder for me to get those requirements met.

My new roommate and I ended up not have the chemistry I believed at first.

She didn’t like to go to class, was out late all the time, and her boyfriend would come into my room at crazy hours and just flip on the overhead light!

On top of that, my roommate started telling the other members of our studio that she thought I was possessed because I would talk in my sleep. She started hanging crosses all over my bed!

After this went on for a while, I had a chat with our RA.

I wanted to be fair to my roommate, but when my academics and health were suffering because she and her boyfriend would be loud late at night, I figured it was time to take a stand.

Everything ended up being worked out pretty well, but I ended up living with somebody who really disliked me – and I wasn’t so fond of her either.

You may be tempted to change roommates, especially if you and your roommate aren’t exactly best friends right away.

Give things time though, and you will be happy you did.

If you have issues, don’t be afraid to talk to your RA before things get too carried away, that way you can save your roommate relationship.

And definitely don’t turn on the overhead light if your roommate is asleep.

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