‘I have met some of the greatest people through honors classes’

I won’t lie, the Honors College at BG is pretty hard.

It will make you work harder than most other classes; it will take away precious hours of sleep.

But I truly love the Honors College.

The honors professors are an oddity; they truly care about whether or not you succeed in their class.

Not to say that the professors in non-honors classes don’t care, but the honors professors have always been the ones who I am closest with and the ones who help me with academic problems.

These professors want to challenge you in abstract ways, but when you get stuck, they are willing to nudge you in the right direction.

I have been asked the most confusing and frustrating questions in my honors classes, but in the end I have found that by working at the hard questions, I learn more about the subject matter and more about myself.

On top of the great professors and enlightening learning outcomes, I have met some of
the greatest people I know through my honors classes.

I live in a six-person suite this year, and I met all of my roommates last year in my Critical Thinking and Great Ideas classes.

Being in the Honors College has lead me to people who have the same academic drive as me and tend to have similar views on what college means to them.

Since the the Honors College only consists of a couple hundred people, it allows me to have classes with a lot of the same people, which is very rare at a large university.

Putting the academic side of the Honors College aside, I have met my best friends in the Honors College and that in itself is one of the greatest reasons why I love it.

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