Summer in BG? Consider it next year

WOW! What a crazy couple of weeks it has been! I just thought I could update you on the events that have happened in my life since school got out and how my summer BG experience has been.

Well, the first and most immediate event to occur when school got out was barbershop competition! I am not sure how many people know that I sing barbershop competitively … but I do! For those who don’t know, barbershop is a cappella singing.  Many of you have heard of Prestige; this group sings male barbershop.  Well guess what? Girls do it, too, but it is called Aweet Adelines!

Barbershop is competitive at the chorus and quartet level.  We had a regional competition in Cleveland and to make a long story short, WE WON! What does that mean? That means we qualified for international competition in November 2013… IN HAWAII! So, that is super exciting.  I got my first barbershop medal ever!

Then, I scheduled my dental admission test, the real one!  I sort of freaked out when it was official, but it is happening.  I suppose I freaked out because it meant that life is getting real.  After this, I apply to dental school, (hopefully) get interviews and then decide! Where did the time go?  But yes, so I am in the process of preparing for that test in August.

And then, my siblings came up for a visit! Their visit was totally fantastic since the three of us had not been together since Christmastime.  We ran around the campus, took pictures, ate at Campus Pollyeyes, got ice cream and caught up.  It is so strange watching us all go our separate ways and prepare for the future.   I guess that is growing up.

Otherwise, I am staying very busy.  I am spending my BG summer working, doing research, shadowing a dentist, preparing for the DAT and occasionally sleeping.

Yet, I am loving my BG summer.  While I am may be busier than most, I am gaining so many new experiences that I probably wouldn’t have gotten if I went home this summer.    So for that, I am thankful.

Hopefully, I continue to gain new experiences, meet new people and maintain a level of humor about the crazy life I have chosen to lead.  Expect more updates as I surely attempt other random feats.

Stay classy BG!


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